Entropic Starburst

putting into perspectif the chaos and randomness in the universe

This P5.js sketch presents an artistic dance between order and chaos, mirroring life's inherent randomness. Resembling a starburst, it's formed from sticks randomly moving and rotating from the canvas's center, each with unique properties, creating a constantly evolving artwork. This symbolizes life's unpredictability and the uniqueness of each moment.

The art also explores the contrast between symmetry and chaos. Sticks radiate in an orderly fashion but move chaotically, reflecting our desire for harmony in a seemingly disordered universe. It visually represents life's journey from order to complexity.

Lastly, the artwork freezes a dynamic scene, capturing the ephemerality of life and its constant flow. It's more than animated lines; it's a meditation on life's fleeting nature, the inevitability of change, and the beauty in fleeting moments.


The code's potential to create diverse artworks is vast due to its numerous random elements. Factors such as the length of each stick, their initial angle, direction, and rotation speed contribute to this variety. These aspects, ranging from stick length (20 to 100 units) to rotation speed within a set range, create a multitude of combinations. Given the continuous nature of these variables, the total number of unique artworks is virtually limitless.

Considering the enormity of possible combinations, it's impractical to explore every iteration. Even with simplified assumptions—like 10 lengths, 10 angles, 2 directions of movement, and 10 rotation speeds—the possibilities per stick reach 4,000. For 50 sticks, this escalates to 4,000^50 , an astronomically high figure. Attempting to cycle through these at one iteration per millisecond would surpass the age of the universe, underscoring the sheer scale of potential outcomes.